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good morning, i'm eric thomas. bart police are explaining why bart police shot and called man last night. the station open again and running on a holiday schedule. amy hollyfield is live in oakland where bart police chief is expected to hold a news conference shortly. >> she just started talking. we are learning more about the man that was killed. a call came into a dispatch a white man wearing camouflaged pants andwho was unk and w caing oble. had an open container but one officer did have a taser on him.
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bavtd police say you can expect a thorough investigation into what happened. it all started at 9:30 at civic bart station. bart got a call about the man, he was brandishing a knife and he fell on the platform. when they arrived, within a minute or two, they shot him. the bart police deputy chief told us he realizes some people don't trust bart police ever since the shooting of oscar grant and that is why they are aggressively answering questions this morning about what happened. >> that is why we respond the way we do now. we're going to stand before the media and public and report what we know as the investigation moves forward. you'll hear from the chief of police from police headquarters and administration headquarters. we're working hand in hand with san francisco d.a.'s office
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we'll find out what happened here. we've got new policies and procedures in place. they'll be followed as they are written. if not we will make correct adjustments. >> reporter: bart investigators say they did find two knives and broken glass from a bottle at the scene. they say one of the officers involved suffered from cuts on his arm and he had glass as hard as in his arm. they are not willing to say whether it appears the officers were justified in shooting the man. it's too early but did indicate those injuries did imply there was a confrontation. but this morning, bart is running normal as can be, running on a holiday schedule but service has not been interrupted because of the situation. san francisco police department is doing a separate investigation but they say at this point they are just learning the information, they
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are getting to the point to get a handle what is going on. they don't know where the man was from but he is between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. stay with us for more information on this. in richmond police are interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence after four separate shootings left three people dead and three others injured. they all happened within three hours of each other. first was reported around 8:30 at ohio avenue and south 39th street. a man was shot. he is expected to be okay. about two hours later the contra costa sheriff's office a man in his 20s a man was found dead on the sidewalk in north richmond. another man was wounded but survived. police then responded to a homicide just after 11:00 in the 3200 block of center avenue. a 19-year-old man was shot in
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his vehicle. then another homicide at the intersection of macdonald avenue and first street. another man was shot but is expected to survive. mexican navy says one american tourist has died after a fishing boat capsized but there could be more fatalities. the boat sank in the storm yesterday morning 60 miles south of san felipe. coastguard helicopter left san diego to help with search efforts. seven tourists are still missing along with one crew member. everyone else was rescued. no one knew of the accident when another fishing boat rescued the am. >> a fire swept through three apartment buildings. it broke out in the garage of a building on mission street in
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glenview neighborhood. it quickly spread to buildings on both sides. >> there was a very difficult fire fight. they were confronted with heavy fire conditions, not just the fire but the smoke conditions according to the commander on the scene. you couldn't even see the fire, it was rolling out into the street and pushing north on mission street. >> it took crews more than an hour to get the fire under control. one resident was treated for smoke inhalation and one firefighter injured one of his eyes. no word on how the fire started. >> investigators say fireworks may have caused a fire that ripped through a hertz rental car lot. cellphone video shows the fire destroyed as many as 37 cars. they use it to store extra cars three miles north of the airport. guests at the airport value inn thought they heard fireworks and no estimate on the cost of the
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damage. nation is celebrating birthday with parades, fireworks and barbecues, karina rusk is live in san jose where thousands lined up to watch the parade. >> we're here at the start of the parade, you can see people still lined on this street for that prime viewing. the classic cars and colorful participants of all ages got rolling down the street about an hour ago. there are 156 entrants for this year's rose, white and blue, rose is used instead of red because of san jose's famous rose gardens. the colors of choice, definitely red, white and blue. some of the costumes are fun but the message is serious. >> you have a society where i
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can go in and if you have a problem with the government you don't have to take a gun. you can step up and go to city hall. you go go to the legislature and you can talk. >> it's a handmade outfit from top to bottom. >> and parade ends on the alameda with food with food and games, lots of activities for the entire family. this is a snapshot what is taking place all over the bay area as we celebrate our birthday. san jose does not have an official fireworks display tonight but thanks to the san jose baseball club, the sky will light up. just look over the stadium and you can see the fireworks. reporting live from san jose, karina rusk, "abc 7 news." >> for a list of 4th of july
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events going around the bay area, go to our website at look under see out tv, but will the weather cooperate for the fireworks show tonight? >> i really think so. everyone away from the coast, we ought to be okay if not a little warm in some areas. clear skies with a little bit of fog trying to push through golden gate. temperatures in the low 60s dropping to the upper 50s. if you are at the coast you will see clouds and temperatures pretty cool in the upper 50s with a west wind around 10-20 miles an hour. you'll have a clear sky, 80 dropping down to 74 and winds, 7-14. probably the best viewing inland for sure there won't be wind or any clouds. for the folks up in tahoe, it will be clear tonight, temperatures in the 60s at lake level. possible spare-the-air day before a big cooling trend and full forecast coming up. still ahead, more legal
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problems for the former chief of the imf. also, the cleanup and investigation underway after an exxon mobil pipeline ruptures spilling thousands of gallons of crude. and what u.c. berkeley is doing to
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on. a french novelist will file
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a lawsuit accusing imf chief dominique strauss-kahn of attempted rape. he was arrested in new york back in may on charges that he tried to rape a hotel maid. he denied any wrongdoing and was released without bail last friday after questions emerged about the maid's credibility. lawyers say they will file a slander complaint against the woman. teams of federal and xon mobil workers along the yellowstone river after tens of thousands of oil gushed from a pipe beneath the river bed. regulators warned of violations along the river last year. they are criticizing exxon for down playing the incident. cleanup crews are scrambling to limit the damage to yellowstone river after an exxon mobil pipeline ruptured.
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it started when a 12-inch pipeline started to leak underneath the river. a change in pressure was detected and the line was shut off within six minutes. >> at this time we do not know it. this is very unusual event. obviously we have large amount of oil enter the water very quickly. >> officials estimate up to 1,000 barrels or 42,000 gallons of oil spilled before the leak was stopped. cleanup crews are trying to soak up the oil and prevent it from spreading. sheens were reported hundred miles from the leak but they said most of the damage was limited to a ten-mile stretch. they say the o oil company was down playing the environmental effect. the timing of the spill couldn't be worse. the river has been surging for months, pushing high waters through farmlands, now that water is mixed with oil. >> i'm looking at oil all over
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the top. i don't want my animals eating it. >> the environmental protection says the fast flowing water could help reduce the damage to wildlife and crops along the river. it's a tributary to the missouri river and the concern is stopping the oil before it flows any further. sara shourd will begin a hunger strike of the continued detention of two other u.c. berkeley. they detained them almost two years ago as they hiked along the border. iran accused them of spying. they released shourd last year and she said she would not return to stand trial. u.c. berkeley alumni around the nation will take part in a rolling hunger strike. they will take turns fasting to demand a release of the two. fox news says the political
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twitter account was hacked and they apologize tweets falsely reporting president obama's assassination. they said he had been shot to death in iowa. that is not true. fox news says the tweets are malicious and now under investigation. >> now a teenager living in the white house. president obama is celebrating the oldest daughter's birthday, malea is now 13. the obamas invited u.s. troops and families to attend a special barbecue and concert at the white house and watch the annual fireworks show on the national mall. 222 years before she was born. >> here we are. >> if you like sunshine and away from the coast, you can see the clouds heading back to san francisco. we'll talk about how those will
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affect the temperatures. we're going to have a little bit ofing trend before the heat returns. first ever, first ever mason hog dog eating contest. and prince william puts his military helicopter training to the test today.  
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three, two, one. >> gentlemen, start your enzymes the annual hotdog contest, joey chestnut devoured 62 dogs, that is short of the record of 68 set back in 2009. >> feel pretty good.
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i feel great. >> his chief rival wane the on hand for the second straight year. he was ruled ineligible because he won't sign a contract. there is a govern body for them. for the first time there was women's division, sonia the black widow thomas, no relation. he decided to give the female champions were getting their just due but she weighs 105 pounds and downed 41 dogs back in 2009. >> 105 pounds, 3,000 calories.
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>> congratulations, sonya. >> i enjoyed it while eating lunch. i stopped eating lunch. >> it's not the most appetizing thick to look. >> we'll all be doing it later, stuffing our faces -- no, not that, really? only half that. >> here is a look at some of the fog as we look towards the sunset, golden gate park. we're trying to bring in some of that fog. that is what is leading to the cooling around the coast but inland temperatures will still be scorching and probably warmer tomorrow. you can see there are no clouds all from vollmer peak back toward mount diablo. you see the clouds sneak down the coast. visible satellite starts around 7:30. here we are less than four hours later. you can see how quickly it developed and moved almost down
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to big sur. it is affecting the temperatures mid to upper 60s san francisco and fremont and low to mid-70s in the south bay and mid-80s as we go into inland valleys. 85 in gilroy and low to mid-50s around monterey. so highlights, sunny today, not quite as hot as yesterday because of this. it will be hottest tomorrow. as we head into the weekend, temperatures significantly drop even a little bit cooler than average. mid to upper 80s in the south bay. temperatures about four degrees warmer than average. low to mid-80s through most of the peninsula. low to mid-60s a around "along the coast. 77 in south san francisco. 70 in sausalito. you see a lot of upper 80s to low 90s in the north bay valleys. 78 in richmond. low to mid-80s along the east
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bay shore. mid to upper 90s in the east bay valleys. that is not as hot as yesterday. 57 in monterey but 80 in santa cruz and mid to upper 90s in morgan hill and hollister. a's game is taking on the mariners, about 77 and could get up to 80. at&t park it's going to be cooler, we'll have sunshine also and kind of breezy, against the padres, may make it up to 73 degrees. the clouds roll in and temperatures to mid to upper 50s even low to miss 60s. antioch is about 70. here is a look at monsoon moisture that is bringing the storms into the four corners. that pushed storms up palm springs but we've got a little bit of sea breeze. it's enough to drop our temperatures today compared to yesterday. once it ri lacks tomorrow the heat is back on around the bay and inland and we'll see triple-digits in many inland
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neighborhoods. look at the drop. it's gradual, but by sunday we're 10-20 degrees cooler on sunday. >> enjoy your 4th. >> you too. former president ronald reagan, a statue was unveiled in london. condoleezza rice was at the ceremony. the ten foot tall bronze statue join roosevelt and eisenhower. it would have been reagan's 100th birthday. >> britain's prince william put his military training to the test today. he performed several water landings before crowds in canada. he is a royal air force helicopter pilot and he requested the simulated landing procedure as part 6 his visit. the duke and duchess toured
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prince edward island and they will take part in a dragon boat race. the will couple will visit los angeles o (speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world. (applause)
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>> today at 4:00 and 5:00 on abc news, they are common mistakes and cause over injuries. michael finney shows us what you should never do when mowing the lawn and a new study suggested environmental factors could play a role in autism. these stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. from all of us here, thanks for joining us.
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